Conference information

Since our chapter covers a large geographic area we have a conference line set up that offers audio recordings for members who miss the meeting and are available in the event an executive requests it.  The number is 1-302-202-1102 and members punch in the code 729476.

Everyone has a phone or cell phone and its easier to dial a number instead of downloading and installing Skype.  We have a lot to cover so I have to speak with everyone tonight!


New Year Updates

I sent out invitations to those of you who emailed me to be contributors on the site. I also updated the menu with the correct information on Carolyn Haines and added Texas residents Janna Hill and Billie Sue Mosiman.


Remember if this is your first update from Gulf Horror remember that on Feb. 13th (Friday) 2015 at 7 p.m. we will be having our first meeting via Skype if you have it by using Gulf Horror.  If not I have signed up for a free teleconference number 1-302-202-1102 and the conference pin is 729476

We will see what is easier, although I’m suspecting that it will be easier for people to simply call in and announce themselves.

If you are not to far away you can join me at the North Terrebonne Branch Library on Park Street across from H.L.B. High School.


Site Updates

Member pages has been updated to include Sherrilyn Kenyon who currently lives in Mississippi (to my current understanding) and Deborah LeBlanc of Louisiana.

Guest Blogs

If you are interesting in writing a guest blog for Gulf Horror please email and let me know.


I would like to post a short bio and a link to your website/social media if available.  I’ll be working on the site in the coming weeks and would like to feature a blog fairly often.

I have set a meeting for Friday Feb 13 at 7 p.m.  We can do this via Skype if you are not currently in Louisiana.  If you are the meeting is at the Terrebonne Parish North Branch Library on Park across from HLB High School.

I will be using the Skype user name Gulf Horror